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TopnOTCH Agility Classes

Agility is a fun and fast growing performance event and a great sport for handlers of all ages and dogs of all breeds.
Classes are offered for the first timers to the more advanced and are open to all breeds and mixed breeds.
We train agility classes year round in a 68 foot by 100 foot enclosed building.

Beginning dogs and handlers will learn the safe and enjoyable ways to navigate the obstacles while building
confidence. We teach:

  • Fundamentals of turns and handler's body position 
  • Targeting
  • All obstacles are taught on a smaller scale to start, as the class progresses we move onto the
    full-size equipment.
  • After seven weeks we are chaining 2 to 3 obstacles together, using correct handling
  • You will need to work on assignments that are given in class to be ready for the next week's lesson

Beginning classes start every 14 weeks as space allows. Your dog must know sit-stay and
have a solid "come" to begin Agility Training.

         Small soft treats
         A flat collar that fits snug
A six-foot leather leash

Pinch collars and, choke chains are not safe in agility class and are only to be used in the beginning of class for control.

Beginning dogs MUST be able to do two things BEFORE being allowed in: Solid Sit Stay and a reliable Come despite distractions.

We offer two other classes on the same night as beginning. We move the beginning class up after 14 weeks if room permits. The third class is for people that are interested in showing their dogs in agility competition.

The dogs and handlers are moved up from the second class when they can handle their dogs through the exercises in class as a team, and as room permits.

The Wednesday night Agility classes are for dogs that are competing in trials or ready to compete.

Call to reserve a place in the next class: 925-862-1900
or email us at

Our training classes
were featured at the
Golden Gate Kennel Club's
Dog show at the Cow Palace
January 30 & 31, 2010

We gave four agility
demonstrations, each
attended by ~1000 people