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Between Fremont and Pleasanton

Small dogs less than 20 pounds     $25.00 per night
Dogs 20 pounds or more                $30.00 per night
     Cats                                                $17.00 per night

     $4.00 Off per night when an additional dog is housed in the same enclosure
     $2.00 Off per night when an additional cat is housed in the same enclosure
     No charge for last day if you pick up by 11 AM

(One per visit)
     10% Off the first time you leave any animal with us
       5% Off when staying one week to one month
     10% Off when boarding more than one month
     10% Off when owner is 65 years or older
     15% Off when boarding 4 or more of your own pets

     Exercise yard (at least 30 minute session)  $4.00 per session
Additional feedings (Animals are normally fed once per day)   $2.00 per feeding
     Administration of medication $2.00 per dose. (Medications must be in original container)

Our groomer will happily groom your pet just prior to your return if you so request.
Dogs boarded longer than two weeks will be given a complimentary bath
provided arrangements are made in advance.

We fill up for holidays weeks in advance.  We accept reservations three months in advance.  A deposit of $50 per pet is required for most holidays, $100 per pet for Thanksgiving, and $150 per pet for Christmas.  Your deposit will be refunded, less a $25.00 service charge, if you cancel at least seven business days prior to stay.

Dogs and cats must be 4 months or older to be boarded and all male cats over 8 months old must be neutered. When you bring them in, dogs must be on leash at all times and cats must be securely contained. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any pets that have been particularly destructive or dangerous.

Run Sizes:
           Single         4 feet wide by 21 feet long
           Double        5 feet wide by 21 feet long
           Cat              2 feet wide by   7 feet long
All dog runs are cement indoor/outdoor covered runs, each run has a sleeping platform inside and outside. Cat runs are in a different building all indoor runs each run has a resting shelf and a litter box.

We provide blankets for each animal. You may bring your own blankets that can be washed easily and that are clearly labeled with a laundry marker.  Please do not bring beds without removable covers.

The kennel dog food is Kirkland Signature Chicken and Rice and the kennel cat food is Purina complete.  You may bring the food your pet is used to if you wish. We provide bowls for feeding, so please leave your bowls at home.

If your pet becomes sick or injured while staying with us, we will take him/her to your veterinarian (within 20 miles), if available, or else to our vet and we will pay the vet bill, up to a maximum of $500 per pet per incident. We will also pay the vet bill, up to a maximum of $500 per pet per incident, for any sickness related to staying with us for up to 10 days after your pet has been checked out of our kennel. You must call us within 24 hours of observing the illness and you must use a veterinarian from our approved list.
Treatment for pre-existing conditions, kennel cough and upper respiratorey issues for cats ars not covered and will be billed to the pet owner. Many pets returning home from the exciting life at the kennel may appear tired or worn out, lacking energy, and sleeping excessively.  This is normal behavior for many breeds and should clear up within 72 hours.  Such behavior does not require veterinary care and therefore is not covered under the Well Pet Program.

Service outside of normal business hours: Available on an emergency basis only and is subject to a $50 surcharge per pet.  In addition, boarding fees will be charged until the next regular business day.

Deposit: A deposit of ½ the length of stay is required for all new clients.

Transportation of pets to a veterinarian: When not covered by our Well-Pet Program, such as for preexisting conditions, transportation may be charged at a rate of 50 cents per mile each way plus $20 per hour.

Early pickup: During holiday and summer seasons, if a pet is picked up prior to the scheduled departure date without 24 hours advance notice, the owner will be responsible for boarding fees for the entire reserved period.

Regular payment: For stays longer that two weeks, partial payment must be made in advance and on a regular basis such that the outstanding bill is no more than for two weeks.  WHEN AN ACCOUNT IS OVERDUE BY MORE THAN TWO WEEKS, PETS MAY BE DEEMED ABANDONED.  A reasonable attempt will be made to call the owner at the telephone numbers given on the registration form.  Pursuant to California State Law, we may then dispose of the pet.  The pet owner will be responsible for all outstanding charges, all boarding fees for a period up to one month after the pet is deemed abandoned and all reasonable collection fees.

Returned check fee: There is a $20 fee for all returned checks.  This fee is reduced to $5 if we can reach the maker quickly and he/she either provides a credit-card number to cover the check or immediately brings in cash or a money order.  If the pet owner does not immediately cover a returned check, a fee as stipulated by California State Law will be charged equal to three times the value of the check or $500, whichever is less. The pet owner is responsible for paying all collection fees.

Lost or damaged pet accessories: We are not responsible for lost or damaged pet accessories.

Call for reservations or information 925-862-1900
or email us at hckennels@gmail.com

For information or reservations call 925-862-1900 or email us at hckennels@gmail.com   fax 925-862-2127

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