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TopnOTCH Obedience Classes

Beginning Classes
Offered to dogs over five months of age. This class will introduce basic obedience skills. You will learn the training techniques required to teach your dog to:

  • Heel under control
  • Recall, with finish
  • Down stay
  • Sit stay
  • Stand

Equipment: You will need a six foot leash and a flat collar, gentle leader, or pinch collar.

Advanced Classes
Offered to dogs with some previous training. This class continues from basics taught in the Beginning and Puppy classes. Designed for handlers who wish to go beyond beginning training. Your dog will learn to be a good citizen and be responsive to you in any situation. You will learn to teach your dog the following skills:

  • Heel under control with distractions
  • Recall with a finish
  • Down Stay
  • Sit Stay
  • Begin off leash work
  • Figure 8's

Competition Classes
Offered to dogs and handlers having completed the Advanced Obedience training and desire to fine tune their skills to compete in American Kennel Club (AKC) shows to earn the Obedience Titles of:

  • CD Companion Dog
  • CDX Companion Dog Excellent
  • UD Utility Dog
  • UDX Utility Dog Excellent

Karen TenEyck D'Augusta has titled many of her dogs and is an AKC Licensed Obedience Judge which ma kes her amply qualified to teach a handler to train the dog to accomplish their combined potential.

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